Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to translate subtitles in less then a minute using google chrome

Hi guys it's rarely happens that you can't able to find a subtitle of your favorite show in your own language,but what if you really didn't find one then what you can do is to translate the same subtitle in different language into your own.And it takes less then a minute to do it.

Lets take an example yesterday i was watching "Whose line is it anyway"  on my computer and the voice quality was so bad that it takes all fun away,so i googled for an english subtitle but didn't found one for that episode i was watching,and i was like now what? and just that time i saw subtitles for same episode are available in different languages like Portuguese (Brazilian) and Czech so i thought why not just translate this to English using google chromes inbuild "translate feature"

Note:- When picking languages you must experiment a little bit as google translate couldn't translate successfully Czech to english but portuguese to english like piece of cake.

Here are the steps that i follow to translate subtitles form Portuguese to English,prerequisites -> subtitle edit or any other freeware subtitle editing tool(not necessary but recommended though) 

 step 1. First of all download the subtitle you want to translate,remember it should be in *.srt format.If not open it with subtitle edit and save as *.srt file.

step.2.  Now change the *.srt extension to *.txt so it can be opened with google chrome,right click and open with google chrome.

step.3. If it not automatically detects and ask you to translate do it manually by right click-->Translate to English.

step.4. When it's done translating copy all by ctrl+A and then open subtitle edit press ctrl+N or new from file menu,now click on the browse button in front of frame rate and select the respective video file for which this subtitle is for,it will correct the frame rate,now click on the source view tab and paste translated subtitles which you copied from google chrome.


 step.5. We are all most done save it as *.srt and you can also synchronize it a little bit if it's not accurate to time,using visual synchronization option or simply by show earlier or later buttons.

That's all folks,and if you want to translate into some other language,no problem chrome has almost every language but it's not always accurate for all languages.


 Here is a proof that it works :)


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