Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reticle Drawer: A custom crosshair maker for FPS games.

Sometimes when playing this FPS(first person shooter) games like UT or Counter Strike,the thing which i want to change is that little rarely visible cross-hair,off-course there are custom cross-hair are available for this games but manually changing it separately for each game is kinda too much thing.So i code a simple tool in to just create some circle and line on top of the given uses a D3D not Open GL and actually coded for on somebody's request...

reticle drawer....

a test run on UT2004

and team fortress 2

Note: Working of this tool is a matter of you graphics and system/hardware configuration.

you can download this tool from:

Friday, May 7, 2010


Clockxp is a tool i developed few months ago when i was faced a problem with scheduling my system to perform scheduled tasks..All i need was a little software who turn off my computer at specific time everyday when i am in the gym and my torrent client is working :D and after 8.00 AM it turns into a total disaster cause internet is no more free after that.
so first i try a software called dailerxp pro which is an excellent program except it not work correctly some times and my torrent just suck all my bandwidth while also increasing my internet bill ...finally i take charge of this situation in my hand and start making an application and ended with this ugly looking thing (btw who works perfectly well for me :)  )

To make it work your system clock must be in right time.and by clicking on 'settings' button you can set a single or everyday task like (restrat,shutdown,logoff etc.)
please notice it's titled as a beta version cause may be i'll add some application & process control features later.

you can download it from here....... by praveen.rar