Thursday, April 1, 2010

IP changer

I am using a DHCP enabled connection and got a new IP address every time i reconnect to internet,and this is a good thing you want to download from sites like rapid share and others which have some IP restrictions,so yesterday i was downloading from (rapidshare premium link generator) and disconnect my network dialer to change my IP but after connecting again i got same IP which is a common thing,and after 6 times of connecting and disconnecting i got a new IP,this thing give me an idea to create a little tool which check weather or not IP is changed and connect/disconnect automatically.
And after some googling and coding i came up with this tool i called IPChanger....
just click on change ip button and it connect/disconnect your connection unitl you got a new IP.
you can download it from here....

Note: you must have a dynamic IP service,useless for static IP users.


  1. Great job and I appreciate your problem solving nature.

  2. Some guys complaint that it's not working for them so i wanna clarify once again here it needed a DHCP(on LAN) enabled connection i.e. your router/modem must be in bridge mode(you need to dial every time to connect)and no doubt it's not going to work on PPPOE mode(always on)


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